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Sea Shepherd Ocean Defence Tour 2016!

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This Ocean Defence Tour was held last Sunday at the Maritime Museum. Before this I've kinda heard about Sea Shepherd but had no idea how vegan they were - such that all meals on their ships are vegan! Because ocean/wildlife conservationists tend to just focus on endangered species instead of the underlying issue (animal agriculture). I've also been to 'environmentally-friendly' events where not everything was vegan (Green Festival Expo - NYC) or there was hardly any vegan food (Earth Day Market - Tokyo) and I was just like .... ¿why?

So yeah I was glad to know that the food here's 100% vegan! :) I went with 2 friends and we arrived around 3.30pm. It was overcast and drizzling the entire day (kinda opposite weather to the BrisVegan Fest)! Y'know the I Should Coco ice cream that I waited 30+ minutes for at the BrisVegan fest? They were here too with hardly any queue ._.

The thing I like most about vegan food events is that I get to eat food from places I'm too lazy to travel to. Like Plant Based Dough Co. - I saw a photo from earlier in the event and the display was full! I quickly got my hands on their Strawberries + Cream ($5).

It's kinda faint in this photo but on my wrist there's a stamp which we get at the entrance.

Also was super excited to see Cloverly Cupcakes and their gorgeous goods! Their creations on Instagram always looks amazing. Their Pumpkin Cinnamon Scroll ($6) wasn't really pumpkin-y but I loved it! It wasn't overly bread-y but also not too sweet. I'd describe the taste of the Rainbow Vanilla Cupcake ($5) as a combination of white rabbit candy (大白兔奶糖) and Chinese steamed cake (马来糕), which is interesting! Though I'm probably not entirely accurate since they're not vegan and I've lot eaten them in years lol. 

I don't think you can see but at Flannery's Vegan Sizzle the highest price on their menu is $6!! 

I had the Chipotle Black Bean Burger ($6) and my friend had the Tofurky Snag ($4). She wasn't really amazed with hers but I really liked mine! I think it was a great deal for $6 too :)

I'm quite inexperienced at taking photos of 2 or more food items held in the hand. That sentence was odd but you know what I mean. Like in Singapore I eat on tables but here with their markets and all  this seems to happen quite often haha. Thank you friends for your patience and cooperation ^^;

My friend got an ice cream from Space Bars which was made on the spot with liquid nitrogen!

Then we sat on the grass and ate while watching the performances! 

We also toured the battle ship which was cool. We shared the cinnamon scroll at the top of the ship lol!

Overall despite the weather I really enjoyed myself and I'm glad that other than vegan food there were other things to do! They also had a FREE photo booth (which surprisingly didn't really have a queue - so we used it twice haha) wow I'm impressed. 

Have a lovely Sunday! :)

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