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I don't think I've posted any home dinner photos before because it's pretty unphotogenic and the lighting's not good lol. And we eat at the coffee table with newspaper as the tablecloth and sit on cushions on the floor instead of at the dining table just so we can watch TV haha XD

Anyway I'd just like to share because I remember listening to Kim Bum Soo's Home meal last year and thinking about how it'll be like here.....

It has English subs by the way. (There's non-vegan food in the vid but look at the RICE)

My family (mum, dad and me) often eat together at dinner on the weekends. On weekdays we eat separately which is weird when I tell people but it just felt normal and I don't mind haha ^^; For dinner my mum goes to her parent's house and my dad goes to his parent's house and I'm at my parent's house LOL.

On the weekends dad usually cooks! Mostly vegan meals of rice & soup or curry & veg but occasionally he cooks a separate portion of meat. Also the food he cooks is generally not so salty and not so oily (after years of 'nagging' by mum & I haha).

I don't think I appreciated home/family meals as much until when I was working! Since I cook for myself 98% of the time and my kinda cooking is the one-pot style, it doesn't really take much effort. But last year when I worked at Brownice (lovely 100% vegan place to work at btw!) the best feeling is coming home and eating with my parents or eating the leftovers. Actually especially the leftovers because that'll be at midnight after an 11 hour shift haha

We also go to my grandparents' houses on the weekend! And family gatherings are great now that it's been about 4+ years since I've been vegan and they know what to expect and I know what to expect lol. Usually grandma cooks a few veg dishes with mock meat/veg. And then I eat a lot with rice and make her happy haha. Those DIY popiah sets (on the right) are great for gatherings by the way! I'm quite sure that there's a vegetarian option but just leave the egg and the chili (I think?) out of the usual  DIY set and it's vegan.

I don't know what you got out of reading this but... yeah I miss home cooked food T.T

Have a great midweek! :)

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