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Christmas Vegan Potluck 2016

By 14:56

Jatin and Priyanka organised a vegan potluck on Christmas Eve and the turnout was huge - 50-60+ people wow! 

(Photo credits to Wai Lek)

This is the 5th vegan potluck I've been to! I forgot a couple of them haha oops here are the posts if you're interested:

There was SO much food omg 

I had friends over at my house for mahjong and Secret Santa so I asked Dad to cook curry for me to bring hehe. People enjoyed it yay! Thanks for the compliments, Dad is glad to hear that haha ^^

We started off with cupcakes brought by Cheryl (@cq_veggiefinds), which are baked by Ishwari of @sg_cupcakes! I had the Biscoff one which I really liked - not huat-kueh-y at all! :)

Next was fruit and nut bread from Ting Ting (@vegting) which was made with a food processor and was much fluffier than any bread I've ever made! At the left is pineapple danish pastry made by Jia Xin (@wildvegann) which tasted like CUSTARD wow 

Tania (@hangryaunty) and her mum made coconut milk & fruit agar! :)

BBQ shroom sliders made by Sabrina (@vitalityrawr) - she always amazes with her raw creations!

I don't know who contributed most of these but Alicia (@liveandletalicia) brought curries from Gokul and Wai Lek (@wailek), boss of nomVnom, brought nomVnom's sausages! 

I should probably try eating at nomVnom lol I've only been to their old Golden Shoe outlet once :x


There was also pasta salad, chocolate mousse, eggplant dip and fruits!

BBQ-ed tofu skewers too!

And a DIY gado-gado(?) station!

Ryza (@theveganmumnson) and Cherish brought a pulled jackfruit shepherd's pie and chocolate cake-pudding(?).

At the end Zenna of @welldressedsaladbarsg brought cake!!

Priyanka made these super cute photo booth props!

Yay glad to reconnect with old friends and make new ones!

With Nadiah (@naddieflowers), Ting Ting and Alicia!

Also I forgot her name but thanks for the polaroids!!

We also had a $5-budget Secret Santa which was interesting haha

Glad to be able to attend this potluck - great food and even better company ^^ Thanks again to Jatin & Priyanka for hosting this!

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