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Raw Rainbow Sushi!

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 Really messy Raw Rainbow Sushi! Raw nori sheets stuffed with jicama 'rice', red bell pepper, carrot, yellow bell pepper, long beans and purple cabbage. With a little (not raw) wasabi and Bragg's liquid aminos at the side.

I must brush up on my sushi rolling skills!! They're flimsier than popiahs -_-
I used a knife to cut the jicama into rice-like bits, because my food processor just turns it into mush! But I really should have gotten the jicama a little drier! The nori got all soggy -_-
I brought it to school for lunch yesterday. Ate a banana too. My first fully raw school lunch! :) A little on the light side; I had more fruits a lesson later.

I got these nori sheets from iherb. Other than costing a bomb, the taste and texture are quite similar to regular unseasoned nori! Of course, you'll probably get much more health benefits from this. :)
An alternative to raw nori would be thinly sliced (lengthwise) cucumber or zucchini! I'll try that another time.
 Or you could make un-raw Rainbow Tofu Rolls.

I julienned the carrots using a julienne peeler from Daiso (a $2 shop)! It took some effort to get long, thin carrot strips but I'm not complaining - I've been looking for one for ages! Can I expect a spiralizer to appear there next? ;)
 Have a lovely day!~

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  1. I bought the same peeler as you did, it was so hard to use.
    May I know how you use it?