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Birthday Lunch @ Loving Hut (Joo Chiat)! ^^

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For more about Loving Hut Joo Chiat, read this post.

I went with my parents to Loving Hut for my birthday lunch on Saturday! I'm 19 years old now, if you didn't know. By the way, thanks for all the birthday wishes! :') ♡ 

When we arrived, it was surprisingly quite crowded, for an ulu (hard-to-get-to & secluded) place!

 Isn't this cute - it says 'Stay Healthy Be Vegetarian'

Got a picture of this mural that I mentioned about previously! :)

First came the Avocado Coconut Smoothie (I didn't get the exact name or the price, oops). This was a popular drink, as recommended by the waiter. It was really thick and creamy - it could be a breakfast in itself! It was topped with pieces of fresh coconut.

This is the Rose Lemon Juice (I think). We actually ordered the Cranberry Lemon Juice, and it seemed like the waiter got our order wrong lols. But we were glad he did because this tasted great! ^^

This is the Au Lac Dumpling Soup with Enoki Mushrooms ($6.90). It's supposedly a Vietnamese style soup. The broth was nicely flavourful, but Dad would've liked it to be hotter since it was just warm when served. As for the dumplings, it wasn't that spectacular - Real Food's dumplings are still the best, in my opinion. Plus this bowl was wide and made the dumplings look very little. ._.

As expected, Dad order Asian food. This is Banana Leaf Nasi Campur ($9.90). It had some of the same things I tried previously at the grand opening - fruit achar, spicy eggplant, scrambled tofu, kerabu, and organic brown rice. There's also seasonal green veggies and crackers (which wasn't mentioned on the menu). The kerabu didn't have an excessive amount of onions this time! ^^

I ordered the Tandoori Flame Burger ($13.90). I love the presentation (yay wooden board)! The menu didn't state what kinda patty or sauce it was, but I thought that the texture of the patty was like soggy fish. And mum said that I've forgotten what fish tasted like. HAHA. Okay maybe the texture was like a cross between fish and bread. In a good way.
There was only one tiny onion ring, which was kinda weird lols. The small salad at the side was fresh, with no noticeable wilt-y bits.

I ATE FRIES! They were quite good. Not overly greasy, and nicely seasoned.

Look at what everyone's doing! Hahaha

Mum ordered Vegan Lasagne ($13.90). I had it at the grand opening but this looks WOW. :O It was also packed with veggies and very filling, according to Mum. I must order this next time!! 

Then came dessert! The Apple Cinnamon Crepe was sold out (the Peach & Banana Crumble wasn't on the menu D: ) so we had this - Mudvelicious ($9.90). This was the vanilla flavour (referring to the top layer), the chocolate was sold out too. It was described as a 'super rich chocolate mud pie with nuts', but it was unexpectedly an ice cream cake! 
I thought that it was from Brownice, but the top layer is supposedly coconut ice cream while the bottom is soy ice cream - that's what Mum tasted. Wow is there any way to improve my tastebuds?! Edit: Okay I think it's probably from Brownice hahaha

It was good though! Good thing we got the vanilla flavour, otherwise it would've been too rich! The crust was a bit weird. It was like compressed rice cereal that was slightly soggy. o_o A graham crust would've been yummier!

Overall, despite the not-easily-accessible location, the food is good and there's a wide variety available to choose from! The service was efficient too; we didn't have to wait long for our food. Oh and the lighting is wonderful for photos haha. I think what can be improved are the descriptions of the food on the menu, or more photos would be great - though those of the Banana Leaf Nasi Campur and Tandoori Flame Burger weren't accurate. 
I'll definitely be going back for more! ^^

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