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Vegan Mustafa Food Haul! ^^

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For a more recent post on Mustafa, view this link.
I went to Mustafa (after having lunch at Veggie Cottage) for the very first time last week! I didn't get any fresh produce (I heard they're quite cheap though) because it was just mum & I and we couldn't carry that much home. I think we (okay, I) spent about $90+ on these - the bulk of the cost is from the nuts, otherwise everything else was cheap cheap!! I can't even identify a 'Best Buy' from this haul, because I love them all! ^o^

I got 3 types of tea:
  • Strawberry & Orange cold brew tea ($5.60 for 18 bags) - tastes like fruit punch (which I really hate) but much less fake; great with ice and a few drops of plain stevia! [caffeine free]
  • Multivitamin tea ($4.90 for 20 bags) - it's a 'vitamin enriched fruit infusion' with ingredients like hibiscus, rosehip, apple, elderberries, vitamins C & E, and a range of B vitamins. I bought it because one of the ingredients is B12. Only after I got home, I realised that the B12 could be from animal origin since the source isn't stated! o_o It tastes not bad, kinda like... vitamins - there's a distinct vitamin-supplement taste. [caffeine free but kept me up at night]
  • Masala Chai tea (25 tea bags, forgot the price) - I love the taste and smell of the delicious spices! My current favourite tea.
I don't know what the Walnut Sesame Powder tastes like since mum got that. But this food pyramid diagram 'The Diamond Diet' was on it:

I was so surprised because not only is it a vegan diet, it's also high carb! And it's made in Malaysia. A high-carb vegan food pyramid on mainstream food?! WOW :O I'll never live long enough to see HPB adopt this kind of healthy food pyramid.

No Sugar Added Mint Dark Chocolate ($3.50 for 100g, made in Malaysia) - I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was yummy! Not as dark as I'd have liked it to be, but it's not too sweet either. Mum liked it too and she has a sweet tooth. It doesn't have the taste of cheap chocolate (eg. chocolate coins), and it doesn't taste artificial either (it's sweetened with sugar alcohols). The minty-ness is just right - not too much until it tastes like toothpaste, but not too subtle until you can't taste it. The ingredients are: cocoa mass, maltitol, cocoa butter, mint flavour, soy lecithin, vanillin.

Sesameal Classic 5 Grain Crackers ($2.50 for 200g/about 36 crackers) - These look and sound healthy, but (according to my standards) they're not. :x There's like a fine coat of salt grains on one side of the cracker, and 4 crackers will give you 220mg of sodium. And don't think that you can stop at one because the salt makes it addictive :/ If the coating of salt wasn't there, I'd LOVE it! There are different textures from the different grains, and it's a perfect thickness. The ingredients are: grains (kibbled wheat meal, kibbled red wheat, kibbled purple wheat, linseed, sesame seeds), wheat flour, vegetable oil, salt, baking soda, yeast. 

MEDJOOL DATES!!! ($3.90 for 500g) - I was sooo glad to find them at this really cheap price! They're less than 1/2 the price of those sold in supermarkets currently! :D So 1 bought 2kg of it. It's larger and softer than the dates I've had before. I think they'll be good for raw desserts since them seem easier to blend. I actually prefer chewier dates (so I keep them in the freezer), but at this price I can't complain!

Puffed rice (200g, forgot the price but it was cheap) - it's made of 100% rice and it's DELICIOUS with a splash of cold soymilk! I would like to buy 10 more packets lols.

Dried apple rings ($5.90 for 500g) - the texture is like a cross between apples and marshmallows. Mum likes it too because it's high in fibre. Ingredients: apple, sulphites.

Walnuts ($9.95 for 400g) and Pecans ($17.90 for 500g) - I bought these because I didn't have enough for my granola sales. Those sold at Pasir Panjang Wholesale Markets are slightly cheaper.

Sunflower seeds ($2.00 for 250g) - also bought for my granola sales. It's just as a backup in case my organic seeds ($2.90 for 200g, from Taste Original) run out.

Ten Whole Grains Cereals ($6.50 for 500g) - I've not tried this yet but it looks good. It can be used as you'd use rolled oats! Ingredients: rice cereal, wheat, barley, millet, soya bean, black soybean, buckwheat, lentil, black rice, mung beans. I'd prefer it more if it was gluten free though!

PAM Olive Oil spray ($6.50 for 141g) - I use this for baking. There's a PAM Baking but that has palm oil, and this uses just extra virgin olive oil. This works better than the previous oil spray I used (Fry Light brand, also extra virgin olive oil).

I hope this has been helpful in some way lols. ^^

Now for some more random vegan finds (vegan unless stated):

Digestives Lights are vegan, though the Original isn't. 

Other varieties of the No Sugar Added chocolate!

I was so excited to find this range of yummy & wholesome looking egg free cookies until I found that one of the ingredients is organic butter -_- (and this has honey)

More varieties of the Sesameal crackers.

How creative! The flavours sound amazing too!

Okay, this looks awful, but sundried tomatoes with no oil and sugar are hard to find. Ingredients: Tomatoes, salt.

Lotsa nuts!

Lotsa tea!

These savoury single serve oats (dry; add water to cook) look so good and I wanted to try them, until I realised that they have 'flavour enhancer' (MSG) -_-

There were many interesting looking pastas! These look delicious, don't they? From L to R, it's spinach, beetroot and lemon. I really wanted to try the lemon one, but they all have the label: May contain traces of egg and fish. :( Usually I don't bother about the 'may contain'/'made in a factory that produces' part if it says milk/eggs, but I cannot accept fish. 

This is the weirdest pasta shape ever. Looks like dentures, said mum.

Oats in a carton. o_o

Tomato soap! I wonder what one will smell like after bathing with this. ._.

That's all for now! ^^

Oh wait, one last thing:
(saw this on the way to Mustafa)
Seedless pomegranates?! Aren't the seeds what you want when you consume a pomegranate?!?! Hahaha

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