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The Soup Spoon - Vegan Options!

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I've been patronising Soup Spoon for many years now. It was my favourite eating-out-place for quite a while back then, because it's affordable, filling, and 'healthy'. Well, my tastebuds have changed since then and I find most of the soups to be too salty. o_o  Of the countless amounts of times I've eaten at Soup Spoon, I've never once had a full sandwich or wrap lols.

I've chose vegetarian options most of the time, even before I went veg. There are 4 vegetarian soups on the regular menu: Tangy Tomato, Velvety Mushroom Stroganoff, Meatless Minestrone and Roasted Pumpkin. However, only the Roasted Pumpkin is vegan; the others have dairy (I've never thought to check their website before, and not long ago I still thought that the Minestrone was vegan -_- ).

Occasionally (okay more like rarely; I've probably seen it thrice over the last 3 years), the Vegan Brown Rice Stew would come on the Chef's Specials. It was miso-based, if I remember it correctly. The first time I ate it, it was like souper good, because somehow very little water was added to the soup and it was so thick. But after I had it the next few times, it was more diluted.

In recent months, there's been more vegan options on the Chef's Specials, because of 'customer requests' ooh. :) Actually, though they're completely different soups, they seem quite similar to me lols :x 

This was part of the Chef's Specials during the month of February I believe.

The soup was good, not-oily and the ingredients were cooked until soft. ^^ I liked the crunchy bitter almonds! Would've been great with a bowl of rice haha!

This was out during February-March. I don't really understand the 'Condiments' part - they're non vegan so they're not actually added in... are they?

I went with my parents for lunch one day after yoga. 

Beside the Soulful Vegan Chili, there's the Tofu & Falafel salad. There was like 1/2 a boiled egg in it, so I removed it and placed it into the other salad. And I'm not so sure whether the falafel is vegan. Sometimes I close an eye when I eat at not-really vegan-friendly places. :x

The falafel was kinda dry, hard and soggy. I can make better baked falafel than this! Lols. Oh and the charcoal bread was interesting. It was very black inside too. I've never questioned whether Soup Spoon's bread are vegan though...

As for the elderflower fruit cooler, it's a fizzy sweet drink and I had no idea what elderflower is supposed to taste like even after drinking it. ._.

In conclusion, I think Soup Spoon is kinda like a safety-net kinda eating place to me - like if I'm at a mall with my friends and there's Soup Spoon, I know that I won't have to worry about not finding something to eat. But given a choice (like there's other vegan eateries around), I'll probably not eat there, because I'd rather try new food! ^^;

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