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Veggie Cottage @ Little India

By 23:48

Mum & I were in the area near Little India last Tuesday and we decided to check out this cafe! I've been wanting to try the food here for ages! ^^

Yes, you can see our OOTDs LOL.

This is the sign outside the cafe entrance. The pricing looks reasonable and it seems like there's a lot of choices!

If you think that this menu is hard to read, look at the one inside the cafe...

It looked like a confusing mess of words! Haha :x  
Luckily though, there was a menu book! ^^;

The cafe is a tiny one and the decor is simple and homely. ^^ It was really quiet too, with only soft music in the background. Like we don't even hear the kitchen! We just give our orders to the lady at the counter, and after the food's done she serves it to us. This scenario can totally fit into a fictional short horror story for kids. LOL
More people came after we were seated, and almost all tables were filled.

They serve drinks too. Compared to the mains/sides, the drinks were kinda expensive! Water is free to take.

This was something I've never seen at any other eating establishment before! It's a place to return plates, bowls and cutlery - separately. It's quite a good initiative, because it encourages people not to waste food. Or at least it encouraged Mum & I. Because the thought of having to pour leftover soup/sauce in the basket at the right was off-putting and ...gross. Ugh. Solid foods are fine but throwing away viscous liquids just grosses me out. >< when we were done eating the trays were full and we had to stack them...

The first to come was the Nasi Lemak ($5.20). The last time I ate nasi lemak was before I was vegetarian, and probably during a school camp or something, because rice and fried things seemed boring to me. However, this was my favourite dish of that meal! The rice was fluffy and had the lovely fragrance of lemongrass! ^^ It would go so well with curry!!!!

The mock fish was crispy and well-fried; not greasy. Both mum & I thought that the hash brown was unnecessary. But, as with the 'fish', it was well-fried too. Mum said that the chili sauce was good. It had the lemongrass fragrance too. I found the colour odd. o.o

The presentation was simple and pretty (as pretty as nasi lemak can get), and the banana leaf below helped to soak up some oil haha.

It seems like deep-fried food is a prominent feature in Veggie Cottage's menu! Eg. fish & chips, hotdog w/ fries, 'chicken' nuggets, samosa, fried dumplings, basket of fries, spring roll etc. Probably not a place to go to if you're trying to eat healthily (as in, the vegan kind of healthy, not the meateater-to-vegan kinda healthy - I hope this makes sense lols). Well, they do have a salad medley and all, but it's not enough for me to want to come here often.

Ikan bilis (tiny deep fried fish) is often served with nasi lemak, and the vegan version of this was impressive! It was made of deep fried mushrooms and had a similar texture and taste. 

Next came the Wanton Soup ($3.50). I didn't really like this much because I don't like the taste of that yellow colouring (the same colouring as in yellow noodles). ~.~

I feel that the dumpling skin-to-filling ratio was too much (as in too much skin). But I guess with a price like this it's quite reasonable!

This is the Claypot Tofu Rice ($5.20). The 'claypot' looks tiny but the ingredients were quite generous. However, I didn't really like this either because of the starch sauce! :x It's the main reason why I dislike Chinese food. I just... can't stand the glistening gooey-ness and occasional clumps of jelly-like blobs.

Next came the Pumpkin Soup ($4.80). The consistency was a little thin, but the flavour was good! I think that it's kinda pricey for the consistency and amount though!

Overall, I feel that Veggie Cottage is quite a good cafe for those who are looking for affordable vegan food, and for those who don't mind that the food isn't so healthy. Next time I visit, I hope to try the chicken rice, which is only available on certain days (Wed & Fri if I'm not wrong), and maybe some Western food. I overheard an OM (office man lols since OL is office lady) saying that the chicken rice was very good! 

Open daily 
Tues-Fri 10.30am-8.45pm
Sat 9.30am-9pm
Sun 9.30am-4pm
Closed on Mon & last Sun of the month

13 Dalhousie Lane
Singapore 209682
Tel: 67856771

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