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Homemade Quinoa Granola Clusters FOR SALE! ♡

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[Orders Closed - Thanks for your support!!]
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Would you like to buy some QUINOA GRANOLA CLUSTERS? 

No added sugar.
No added fat.
Great at breakfast or for a snack! ^^
Allergen info: May have traces of gluten from oats. Do not purchase if you're allergic to nuts/seeds.


Quinoa, pronounced keen-wah, is a superfood! It's a complete protein, and is packed with monounsaturated fat, omega 3s, fiber, essential minerals, B vitamins and flavonoids. (Source: builtlean)
Granola is such a crunchy and addictive snack, and the addition of quinoa to the granola makes it even more crunchier!
Here I have the Banana Walnut flavour with goji berries and medjool dates.

Selling things for the first time ever! Show some support okay? :) (Singapore only though, sorry!)

I wanted to do this since my last school holidays, but I was too busy to. And this is probably the last time in a while I'll be this free so... I'm glad I'm finally doing it after procrastinating for a bit. It's not really to earn money, but it's more of an experience! Also, if this encourages even one person to make more healthy food choices, I'll be really really glad!! It'll also be nice to meet my Ig followers/blog readers hehe. ^^

I'm using recipes which are similar to others posted previously on this blog (it's my most popular post!), and many who've tried them loved it! I've also brought it to school and my non-vegan, junk-loving friends liked it too.
(Hehe self-praise is awkward...)

They'll be in authentic Mason Jars from the US - choose either Quilted 8 oz ($8.90) or Regular 1 pint ($12.90). Or buy both at $20. The amount of granola in the 1 pint jar is about twice of that in the 8 oz jar! It'll be freshly made to order. ^^ I'll be selling them through meetups only, because the glass jars are fragile and might break in the mail. The decor of the jars will be similar as shown here (ribbons & strings are easily removable).

This is the Regular 1 pint jar ($12.90). 1 pint = 473ml

This is the Quilted 8 oz jar ($8.90). 8 oz = 237ml
By the way, The Living Cafe sells this exact same Quilted 8 oz jar (empty, of course) at $8.95. Just saying LOL.



Mason jars are wide-mouthed glass jars with an airtight screw top. It can be used for canning, storing dried goods, or preserving fruits and vegetables. They're also very pretty and good for smoothies and parfaits!! ^^

The quilted jar on the left has nice patterns all around it, while the regular mason jar at the right (this is the back view) has cup measurements on one side and rough millimeter measurements on the other side.

The lid has 2 parts, the band and the flat lid.

In case you're curious about how you can use these jars to can...

Seems quite dangerously scary to me ^^;



a) Banana Walnut
Ingredients: rolled oats, quinoa, chopped walnuts, banana, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, cinnamon, dried fruit of your choice*

b) Pumpkin Pecan
Ingredients: rolled oats, quinoa, chopped pecans, pumpkin puree, chopped almonds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, cinnamon, dried fruit of your choice*

c) Mixed (50% BW, 50% PP)

Both are mildly sweet; the Banana Walnut is slightly sweeter than the Pumpkin Pecan. If you'd like, I'll add in some plain liquid stevia.

*Dried fruit as shown below (all except raisins and goji berries will be chopped up)

From L to R: Raisins, dried goji berries, organic coconut flakes, dehydrated dragonfruit, organic dried mulberries, dried cranberries, medjool dates


Email me at with the following (just copy & paste)! Put the subject as 'I wanna buy some quinoa granola clusters!' or something along those lines hehe.
  1. Name:
  2. Phone number:
  3. Choice of meetup place: Buona Vista MRT/ Harbourfront MRT/ Other MRT stations to my convenience!
  4. Choice of Flavour: a/ b/ c
  5. Choice of Dried Fruit (pick 3): organic coconut flakes/ medjool dates/ raisins/ dried cranberries/ dried goji berries/ organic dried mulberries/ dehydrated dragonfruit
  6. Choice of Jar: Quilted 8 oz ($8.90)/ Regular 1 pint ($12.90)/ Both ($20)
  7. Stevia: No/ Yes

Also, drop me an email if you have any questions!

While stocks (of jars) last.
Tentatively, the last day of ordering is MARCH 28 (FRI), last day of collection is APR 1 (TUES).
Rest assured that I won't sell anything that I wouldn't eat myself. Thanks for your support! ^^

NOTE: I won't be selling empty jars this time, but in a couple of months (April - early May) I'll be selling a variety of different jars at affordable prices. :) (I do hope people will buy, and that I'm not just delusional about how lovely jars are hahaha)
Don't let this deter you from buying my granola though hehe :x

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