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iHerb Haul: B12 chewing gum + veggie wash + more!

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I think that this is my smallest iHerb haul yet! Haha. But there's quite a few interesting items I'd like to share about. 

Listed prices are in USD and subject to change.

The NOW FOODS Organic Popcorn Kernels ($3.92 per bag) are a re-buy; they've been wonderful and I eat a bowl (1/4 cup un-popped kernels) or more almost every day hehe. I really like the crunch, especially that of the half-popped kernels! I air-pop them on a pan, and it takes just about 5 minutes. It also makes my house smell wonderful! ^^ I got 3 bags of it and one more for my friend.

I've not tried the Alter Eco Dark Blackout Chocolate ($3.38), but once I do I'll post about it here.

This is the Solar Energy Gum ($13.76), Satellite Cinnamon flavour. I actually asked my mum whether I could buy gum from overseas online haha (since gum is banned in Singapore). I guess I treat this more as a supplement! It's fortified with B12, but I can't tell exactly how much from the confusing label and Nutritional Info Panel. Still I really like it because it definitely tastes much better than my current tutti-fruitti-tasting NOW brand B12 lozenges. It's a little spicy which is interesting, and though the reviews on iHerb say that the flavour lasts a long time, I'm ready to spit it out in about 1.5 hours.

Energy gum sounds so cool right?? The label says "...resulting in an exhilarating boost of energy". o_o I'm not sure if it's the placebo effect or the act of chewing that makes me more awake, but I think it kinda works. Like I was chewing gum at night a few days ago and then I saw a time-sale on a blogshop and then I felt really awake and like I really had to buy something. Which I did. And I rarely buy clothes online. Haha. Not a really good example though. XD

I've been wanting to try a Go Picnic Ready-to-eat-meal ($4.20) since I saw it on Instagram over a year ago! Back then iHerb didn't stock Go Picnic, but I'm glad to find it now. I saw that there were about 3 vegan ready-to-eat-meals (there are others but they're non-vegan). I wanted to get another flavour, but it was out of stock. :( Oh well, I'll get it next time! I've not tried this yet; I'll update about it here once I have.

There's quite a few mini-packs of things inside. Yay! How fun.

It's quite high in fat though. I'm planning to share this at a picnic or something hehe.

I got Helwa Organic Lemon Wafers ($2.23) for my dad! Wow I didn't think that I'd ever find wafers that are vegan, plus these are organic!!! They taste quite good too... but wafers are rarely my food of choice (they're so airy I can finish the whole packet with ease).

It's so junky but at least there's no dairy!

Does organic palm oil harm the rainforests though?
This article from One Green Planet looks useful. From what I understand, organic doesn't mean sustainable, and this doesn't have the Green Palm logo to certify that this company uses sustainable palm oil in it's products. :(

This is the back of the Veggie Wash ($3.87). Lol at the Common Sense Precautions. It's been great so far!! My fruits have never been so clean. I can't really tell with my veggies but I feel glad that I'm supposedly ingesting in less pesticides and chemicals. I used to use baking soda (which works great too) but this is much more convenient. :)

You can use my discount code MPF483 if it's your first time shopping at iHerb. It gets you $10 off an order over $40, or $5 off an order under $40. Thanks to those who use/have used it! ^^


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