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Nature Vegetarian @ Bukit Merah

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Nature Vegetarian is a coffee-shop-style kinda restaurant, located right beside Boneless Kitchen. It was 初一 when my parents and I dined there for dinner, so it was quite crowded! 初一 is the first day of the month in the lunar calendar, and some Buddhists eat vegetarian on that day.

They have an extensive Chinese menu, and a small Western selection that I'm quite sure is not vegan. None of their dishes have egg, but some have dairy. Check with the cashier when you make your order.

They have a small retail area too. As with the items on the menu, all items are vegetarian, but not all are vegan so make sure to check! Some have dairy in them, such as the siew mai which has whey. :(

Nice quote.

You can choose dishes from here, but we got items from the full menu.

This is #724 Mini Wok Rib Noodle ($4.50). My dad liked it a lot; he said it tastes better than meat dishes! I didn't really enjoy this because the noodles were yellow.

#200 Watercress Soup [Medium] ($7.00). When this came I was like woah so much!! Because the bowl is huge. But actually, there isn't much ingredients; it's mostly just the soup. Which was oily. The corn was sliced so thinly too. My mum said that maybe ordering two small soups ($5 each for most) will be more worth it.

#108 Broccoli with Mushroom [Small] ($9.00). Expensive! I didn't like the starchy clumps, but the broccoli was crunchy and the mushrooms were really soft and smooth, so I guess it wasn't that bad.

This #501 Ma Po Tofu [Small] ($8.00) was my favourite dish of all! It was oily but I really like the crunchy fried bits and the sauce-soaked tofu! I didn't find it really spicy but maybe it's because I tried to drain the sauce away. I don't remember eating the meat version, but I asked my parents and they said that it didn't normally come with meat?? I googled and yes usually it's cooked with minced meat.

We also got 2 bowls of brown rice. The meal for 3 costed about $30, which is reasonable.

Nature Vegetarian is definitely not the place to go to if you're looking for healthy food. Most things seem to be oily and prices for some dishes are quite high. But I wouldn't mind eating there again; there's so many more dishes we've not tried! There was a couple beside us sharing a curry, another couple sharing a hill of fried rice, and a family with a mountain of it LOL.

Blk 11 Jalan Bukit Merah
Singapore 150011
Phone: 6897 7370

We got these braised meat buns from the frozen retail section of Nature Vegetarian. It's $4.00 for 6 pieces, and according to my grandma and my parents it's cheap.

The ingredient list says that it has: flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, gluten and seasoning. Doesn't sound very wholesome LOL. But the 'real' thing is worse so.

It's supposedly handmade.

I had this at a family dinner at my grandparent's house.

My grandma steamed them and it was so fluffy and delicious!! The inside wasn't really gluten-y; it seems to be made of mushroom stems. It wasn't too oily or salty, and we all like it! Even my mum, who dislikes the taste of mock meat! :)

So gooood I want one now

If you were curious, this is usually how family dinners go at my maternal grandparent's place. My grandma cooks a few dishes for me - other then the buns, there's also a tomato onion stew (the onions were SO sweet yum!), stuffed tofu puffs with a thick sauce, veggie & mushroom stir-fry and an unpictured bowl of raw cucumber. I had it with rice. 

I feel so blessed and thankful that my family and relatives are generally supportive. ^^

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