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O'bean Organic Soya Store @ Tanjong Pagar

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O'bean is a vegetarian restaurant specializing in soy-related food. I went there with my parents on Friday night and it was PACKED when we arrived at 7pm. WOW. I didn't think that it'll be so popular. My dad was surprised at how many 'young people' there were. We had to wait for about 10 minutes before we got a seat. And that was only because we chose to sit at the table outside. So yes, MAKE A RESERVATION. But even if you have one, you might have to wait a while.

They have quite a wide variety of food! They do have eggs and milk in some of them so it's best to ask before ordering. I went there specifically for the kway chap. Haha. I didn't even like eating it before. Because I don't usually like eating salty brown dishes - as in those soaked in soy sauce.

Btw, my photos turned out horrible and were so difficult to edit :x

Here's the Signature Soya [small] ($1.80 each). There's an option of how much sugar you want and both here are 25%. They're made from powder and it's a little bit grainy, but I like the thickness and the soy fragrance! The other soy drinks are pricey, starting at $4.00 for a large cup. But I might try one of them next time! 

Their shop front shows that their soy powder is free of purines, which means that people with gout can have them too! :) 

Mum had their Signature Soya Porridge [Regular] ($6.20), without egg. Kinda expensive for a bowl of porridge, but I tried it and it was GOOD. It was so thick, creamy and nicely savoury. Other than what you see on top, there was also mock prawn and mock cuttlefish inside. 

Here's my Soya Kway Chap Set ($6.80), without egg. The portion of the kway teow was okay, and the soup was nice enough that I drank most of it. The kway teow was nice and smooth. It came with a small dish of chili which was nicely spicy! :)

There were quite a lot of sides - beancurd, tau pok, braised peanuts, preserved veggies, you tiao, mock pork belly and mock pig skin. The pig skin was scary because it's my first time having the mock version! At first bite it was freakishly similar to how I remembered actual pork skin to be. o_o But mum said that it's very different. Okay. I still find it gross though.

I like the beancurd and braised peanuts the most. I think the sides go better with plain porridge though. Because the sides are salty & there's liquid and the noodles are salty & there's liquid too. No wonder I didn't use to like it! LOL

Dad got the Bailing Mushroom Rice ($9.80), which comes with egg (optional). Bailing mushroom is supposed to resemble abalone btw. There were other mushrooms too and altogether they were delicious! And it was quite a big amount (though that's rightfully so, since it's pricey). The soup was nice too, but after drinking my soup it hardly tasted like anything lol.

Mum was surprised that there wasn't an option for brown rice. But the thing is, O'bean's concept is soy, and not healthy.

The Black Marbles ($5.60) were good. We probably finished it in under 2 minutes flat. LOL. They're softer than the usual glutinous rice balls you find at the frozen section of the supermarkets, and the peanut filling is fragrant and quite generous!  

Yum yum.

In total, our meal for 3 was $35.40, including 10% service charge (they don't charge GST). Quite reasonable.

O'bean is somewhere that I'd like to dine at again! Service was a little slow and it was hard to get the waiters' attention (partially due to the fact that we were sitting at the only table outside), but I like that vegans are spoilt for choice there. Next time, I'd like to try their... curry rice? mini pot? ramen? pasta? burger? Haha! Oh yes, and I wanna sit inside next time. ^^

O'bean Organic Soya Store
83 Tanjong Pagar Road (walking distance from Tanjong Pagar MRT)
Singapore 088504
Phone: 66364656

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