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Sufood @ Raffles City

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Sufood is a restaurant that serves Italian-inspired vegetarian cuisine. This is probably as close to vegan fine-dining as you can get in Singapore at the moment. Yay small-food-on-big-plates! 

I dined here with my parents. It was about a month ago.. so I might not be able to remember every taste :x 

It's located at Raffles City.

Hehe this colour-coordinated family so cute.

The interior is like a modern Asian style. Lotsa seating space!

There's one set meal and it seems really popular.

There are icons to indicate which dishes have egg, dairy, chili, onion and garlic. And the waiter that took our order was very clear about what was vegan and what wasn't. Great!

The SUFOOD Appetizer consists of Japanese Yuca root with blueberry sauce, oriental white water snowflake greens and savoury tomato jelly.

At the back you can see the vinegar. It was sweet and fruity!

The oriental white water snowflake greens (what are snowflake greens even?? Google gives me nothing) was like a tied-up bunch of green stems in sauce. Interesting.

Rosemary Breadsticks. There's a choice of blueberry/mustard dip, but only the blueberry one is vegan! Each person gets 2 sticks. The blueberry dip is like watery blueberry jam. The bread sticks were gooood. Maybe because I love bread.

Now for the salads. The Mushroom Salad looks much more like a stir-fry than a salad though haha. The mushrooms were well-cooked and it wasn't oily.

This is the Classic Garden Salad. There's a choice of sesame/Caesar dressing, but the latter has egg so we got the sesame one! The sesame sauce alone is so yummy - I dipped mopped it all up with my breadsticks! It's creamy and so fragrant, with the right amount of savouriness. Oh and the salad greens were fresh, with no wilt-y bits. ^^

The Summer Salad came on this huge and heavy plate lol. The veggies were fresh and both the sauces were good! The sauce in the shot glass is similar to the sesame sauce.. but different, according to mum.

All soups are vegan yay! The first one that arrived was this Pumpkin Soup. The plating is pretty, but I guess the taste wasn't wonderful enough for me to remember it.

Mushroom & Pea Pottage. It's great how they got this to be creamy without dairy! :) But out of our three soups, this was our least favourite.

This dull looking Root Soup was wonderfully good! There's burdock root, lotus root and cashews in it. Dad really liked it. I felt that it was really flavourful too - and it's not oily! ^^

Half of the mains are vegan. I chose the Wild Mushroom Charcoal Tagliatelle. The mushrooms (they're supposed to resemble... squid?) were chewy and the noodles were smooth. The portion size was quite generous (taking into account the other courses).

This Conchiglie Mushroom Bake is not vegan. Looks like it can easily be done with vegan cheese! My parents didn't finish it; it contained mock meat which mum didn't like.

The Baked Potato Al Funghi was also very mushroom-y. At the left are king oyster mushrooms with a blob of pumpkin puree in the middle.

Those three things at the back are: a cucumber pickle, mint leaf stuffed in a cherry tomato (omg so intricate) and a pickle of some fruit I can't identify.. pear?

At the right is this delicious mushroom-stuffed baked potato!! I should cook something like this!

Only one out of 4 of the desserts are vegan :( I liked the texture of this Osmanthus Flower Jelly, but jelly for dessert is just... ._. 
The desserts are served with the drinks. I got the Passionfruit Calamansi Tea, which was refreshing, though a little on the sweet side.

Mum got the Banana Cheesecake (not vegan) and Mint Herbal Tea.

Dad got the Vanilla Ice Cream with Hot Chocolate (not vegan) and Yuzu Chamomile Tea.

It's hard-shell chocolate.

I left the restaurant feeling like I ate a healthy meal! Which is rare. I really like that the food here is not greasy or oily, and the ingredients seem really fresh! What I don't like is the lack of vegan dessert choices though. (And the fact that there's no natural lighting for photos haha.) I'd recommend Sufood (especially if you like mushrooms, since almost every dish has it lol), but I don't see myself going back often since I've already tried almost everything vegan. Though if they come up with new vegan desserts I'll be really eager to dine there!

SUFOOD Singapore
Raffles City
252 North Bridge Road #02-19
Singapore 179103
Phone: 6333 5338
Opening Hours:
Lunch: 11.30am - 4.30pm (last order 3.30pm)
Dinner: 5.30pm - 10pm (last order 9pm)

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  1. Ate at sufood that day too but it was not a great experience bc my brother was there and got angry when I requested for vegan stuff! I love these posts, you give me ideas on iherb stuff to buy!!

  2. Oops I was referring to your iherb haul for the second part of my comment lol

    1. Oh I see.. That's too bad :( Go without him next time haha.

      Aww thanks I'm glad you like reading them!! :)