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LOVEinBread @ Marina Square [CLOSED DOWN]

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LOVEinBread is a new-ish vegan bakery that emphasizes on organic ingredients!

It's located at Marina Square and it was super difficult to find LOL. It's kinda near the Esplanade MRT exit. If you're not familiar with this place, it'll probably be easier to just ask the Information counter! Walked around in circles and had to backtrack haha

It's tucked in a corner. I like the decor! ^^

They have quite a lot of items! Other than bread buns, they have muffins, pizza bread, scones, sandwiches and cookies.

Plus they have raw desserts! They sell Earth Balance butter here too.

I bought a $20 value Groupon voucher, so I thought that I'd be able to buy a lot.

But the raw tiramisu and the pizza bread were pricey so I only got 7 items! Total for these is $21.40.

Guess who was hungry.

The Hawaiian Pizza ($4.90) was average I think. The vegan cheese was not bad and the bread was fluffy, but what I disliked was that this was so oily! The paper bag was soaked. I can understand that the cheese is oily, but the base of the pizza was quite oily too.

Okay, I guess what they're able to do with the vegan cheese is quite impressive. As compared to a vegan pizza from another cafe (which I shall blog about another time).

Mum said that the Chocolate Almond Muffin ($3.50) is kinda like the stuff I bake because it has a soy taste. Haha! I thought that this was yummy (there's chocolate chips inside if I remember correctly) but not WOW enough for me to buy again.

The Raw Tiramisu ($5.80) became firmer after I left it in the fridge for a few hours. It's smooth, creamy, with a good amount of bitterness. It's made with macadamia nuts, cashew nuts, almonds, cocoa powder, coffee powder, etc. As with all raw desserts, it's quite expensive. Well at least there's the cute good-quality plastic container to keep! That's the main reason why I chose this instead of the slice cakes hehe ^^;

The Mixed Herb Focaccia ($1.70) at the top of this picture is fluffy and chewy! Didn't like that it was kinda oily though. But focaccia is meant to be oily right? Haha

To the right is the Walnut Raisin ($1.90) which was nice!

The Pumpkin Bread ($1.70) is generously studded with pumpkin seeds, and there's pumpkin seeds inside too! 

The Chocolate Almond Bread ($1.90) was my favourite out of these four breads. 

I think all their bread buns don't have a filling. It'll be nice if there was! I shared these with my parents, and they like it. I guess they taste like normal bakery bread - which is a good thing.

 It's great that this bakery is fully vegan so there's no chance of contamination and there's no need to ask if it's vegan or not. ^^ I really like bread a lot, but my review for this wasn't OMG YUM probably because I prefer tough and dense bread, and the breads here (at least those I've tried) are the soft and fluffy kind (which I guess the general population prefers). But I'm sure that I'll visit LOVEinBread again! I'd love to try the other baked items! :)

6 Raffles Boulevard
#B1-18 Marina Square
Singapore 039594
Phone: 6338 4173

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