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Picnic: Kimcheese kimbap + roasted potato + edamame + fruit salad

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A small picnic spread for two! Had a good catch-up with a friend over this simple meal last Saturday. ^^

Do you watch Roommate, a Korean variety show? It's where a bunch of celebrities stay together and do lotsa fun things! It's in it's second season now, and I really enjoy watching it! The second season is much more hilarious that the first btw. The only thing that would make the programme better is having a vegan cast member LOL.

Anyway, last week's episode 8 was about them making kimchi! When they were out shopping for ingredients, one of the cast (Jackson) mentioned 'kimcheese' because apparently he studied in America and he loves cheese.........

So I had vegan cheese that I got from Mustafa a while back and haven't used because I didn't know what to do with it! Plus I had kimchi and roasted seaweed sheets.

And TADA! Kimcheese kimbap. Kinda messy though because for some reason I couldn't roll them tightly that day meh. But my friend liked it so yay!

I don't know whether to call it kimbap or sushi, but since there's kimchi (which makes it more Korean) I shall call it kimbap. From Googling I think that the differences are: kimbap is served warm while sushi is served cold, kimbap doesn't contain raw fish, kimbap can be kept for the next day while sushi should be served fresh, & the rice in kimbap is mixed with sesame oil while the rice in sushi is mixed with rice vinegar.

For sushi (that's better-rolled), you can view this post. ^^

In it, there's brown rice, chopped kimchi, Sheeze strips, adzuki beans, purple sweet potato paste (leftover from my Purple Sweet Potato Bread) and carrot shreds. Yeah, I forgot the sesame oil. :x

The Sheeze was not as wonderful as I'd expected it to be. I felt that it was kinda powdery. (it rhymes) 

Mum says that it's cheesy when you first eat it, but afterwards the taste is odd.  But if she said that it tasted exactly like cheese I wouldn't have been surprised since in my mind cheese is disgusting. Hmm maybe it'll be better when it's melted!

Roasted potato wedges with Annie's Organic Ketchup! 

I roasted the potatoes with a tiny bit of oil spray, and cracked on some black pepper after. Super simple!

Fruit salad! Quite self-explanatory.

This Systema lunchbox is quite a space-saver! ^^

We went to Botanic Gardens for the picnic.

Oh yeah and the edamame comes from those frozen packets at NTUC. It's lightly salted but not too salty. Cold Storage has unsalted ones (Japanese brand) if I'm not wrong.

Afterwards we went to Brownice for dessert hehe! Since it's at Marymount, 2 stops away from Botanic Gardens ^^

 It rains almost every day now so it might not be such a suitable time for picnics, but they're so fun! Ah I'd love to have a rattan picnic basket.

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  1. Yay, finally another beatiful foodie post! Thank you *-*

    1. Haha thank YOU for your unwavering support!! ^^ <3