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Sandwich Paradise!

By 10:31

I've not come up with any new recipes recently (though there's a sweet potato bread recipe that I want to try and a donut pan that I've yet to use..) so all you've been seeing here are food reviews. Which are not really applicable to those of you from other parts of the world.

I have quite a few more reviews though. :x 

So here's something of my own to show you. But if you follow me on Instagram you'd already have seen it lol.

This is Swissbake's Multiseed Gluten-free bread topped with:
➀ Sliced avo, Annie's organic ketchup, black sesame, cracked black pepper
➁ Curried mushroom tofu scramble (firm tofu, button mushroom, red chili, turmeric, curry powder, za'atar spice mix, spring onion)
➂ Peanut butter, banana, chocolate sauce (homemade), cacao nibs, hemp hearts
➃ Strawberry jam, kiwi, blueberries
I just love eating bread - if it was between bread and cake I'll most likely choose bread, based on taste alone. I'm weird and I like bread crusts and hard, dry, stale and/or refrigerated bread hehe. But the thing is that when I start eating it's hard to stop. So bread is my weakness. Lol. 

It was my first time having gluten-free bread, because it's not easily found plus it's usually quite expensive. I found this bread on sale and I was pleasantly surprised! I didn't know that Swissbake sold gluten-free bread. Other than this multiseed one, there's also a plain version. Original price is about $8 I think!

It was fluffier than I thought it'd be. I expected it to be rock hard haha. I don't exactly know how to describe it but it was like more brittle because it wasn't so chewy. There was also an odd, but not unpleasant taste. I'll definitely buy it again if I see it on sale!

Here's another one from a while ago.

➀ Smashed avo, strawberries, tahini, chopped pecans, chia seeds
➁ Tahini, banana, blueberries, cacao nibs, mint
➂ Strawberry jam, kiwi, hemp hearts
➃ Smashed avo + edamame, red bell pepper, alfalfa, nutritional yeast, lime juice.

You can see previous (more elaborate) versions of Sandwich Paradise here and here.

Hopefully I'll be back to making & posting new recipes soon! Have a great week ahead ^^

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  1. Everything looks so pretty when you make it! *-*