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3-Day Trip to Banana Island!

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I went to Banana Island for 3 days! Well, not the real island (there is one!) but it's a kind of a detox where you just eat bananas*. (I hate using the word detox though, sounds so fad-diet-y.) It's part of my second Raw Vegan 801010 Week. I believe that every vegan/plant-based eater/801010-er would've heard of this! If you've not, I suggest that you view Freelee the Banana Girl's post (and her YouTube channel) and this post by one hungry mami. The posts have been quite helpful for me! :)

*Not exactly just bananas; tender greens, celery, cucumber, cinnamon and vanilla are allowed. 
As for me, I had baby butterhead lettuce, romaine lettuce, medjool dates, organic raw carob powder and organic cinnamon powder (and water of course!) in addition to bananas. (..And a few berries in one meal.) 

So I started Banana Island on 17 Dec (Tues) and ended on 19 Dec (Thurs). If you wanna know about where I got the bananas & the price, see my first post linked above! :)

I left them in the box for 2 and a half days, after which I placed them on the floor. What I'll do differently next time would be to take half of the bananas out of the box, so they don't ripen all at once. :x

Those pebble-like things are actually garlic cloves lols. Dad said that there'll be ants so I Googled for natural ant repellents, and garlic was one of them! I have no idea if it worked or not, but ants didn't appear! :) But fruit flies did. -_- I think that would be the worst part of this.

I only got Cavendish bananas, and not the small stinky kinds (I don't like those; they're not as sweet even when fully ripe!)

Breakfast* on Day 1 of banana island (which, by the way, is also Day 2 of Raw Week) was this 5-banana mylkshake. Just bananas and water, topped with cinnamon. And some commemorative banana-art (I ate that banana too).

This was the very first time I actually sat by the poolside in the 5+ years I've been staying here! :O

And a year ago I'd probably never have thought that I'd actually be doing this, despite being curious after watching Freelee's videos!

*I had a pre-breakfast every day this week so far; I had a banana and some water before going down to the gym for an hour... to walk... while watching a k-drama (Chinese subs; I can barely catch half of the conversations!). Haha. Feel free to judge, but I think that I've finally found something exercise-y that I don't dread doing (yes, even Bikram yoga isn't so exciting anymore). Plus it's low intensity because what I want is fat burn. :)

So yummy. But I don't get why my banana mylkshakes turn brown so quickly (while blending). :/

Then for the rest of the day my meals (lunch, afternoon snack, dinner) looked like this. Frozen or semi-frozen banana slices topped with carob and/or cinnamon. Seems boring, but it was fine for me! Didn't have greens on the first day because I wanted to know how it felt to be completely banana-island-y! (ooh it rhymes)

My total intake on Day 1 was 22 bananas, 2 medjool dates, some raw carob and cinnamon, which was about 2490 kcal. I used the Cronometer to track my calories, and it's highly recommended to do so if you're new to 801010 and Banana Island, so you don't undereat (and get under-carbed). But I exceeded the recommended calories by about 500+kcal each day. And yet, the miraculous thing is, I lost a bit of weight. It's water weight though, and it was only obvious (0.5kg) when I measured on Day 2. Most people seems to lose at least 1kg of water weight (I think)... does it mean that I don't have that much water retention in the first place? Haha. The pretzels mustn't have been that bad then.

Banana split (7 bananas total) with carob sauce for breakfast on Day 2!

Topped it with chopped dates. It was HEAVENLY. 
Try it!

A green smoothie (bananas, 1 box of butterhead lettuce & water) for dinner!

Total for Day 2 was 22 bananas (unintentionally the same as day 1), 3 medjool dates, 1 box of butterhead lettuce, raw carob and cinnamon. Total calories was 2580 kcal.

A banana island 'Christmas tree' for breakfast on Day 3! (The lighting is so weird for this :/ ) A frozen banana 'tree' topped with a ribbon of carob-banana sauce, blueberry, raspberry & blackberry baubles and a gold star (kinda).

Lunch was frozen bananas and some leftover carob-banana sauce!

Afternoon snack of 4-banana soft serve! This was the most successful soft serve I've ever made (ignore the melty-ness). Added a bit too much water but I know how to do it now - in my blender! I used to make it with the smaller part that comes with it and it always turns out too lumpy. Yay can't wait to make more of this! :D

Total for Day 3 was 22 bananas, 2 medjool dates, a box of romaine lettuce (in a smoothie at dinner), carob and cinnamon. About 2570 kcal

I think my body only wants 22 bananas a day.

In my previous post, I mentioned that I was doing this for better digestion, increased energy levels and greater happiness. Plus the freedom of not having to cook and wash sink-fulls of dishes. Well, I did have better digestion - flatter morning tummy, less bloated after meals, no weird aches. :) However, I can't say for sure about the increased energy levels and greater happiness. And there's still dishes to do lols. I did lose some water weight (nearly 1 kg) though. My body probably likes this chance to rest and digest simple food. I think I'll try this for a longer duration (maybe 5 days?) next time, and see how it goes! :)

The thing I find amazing is that I'm able to eat so much and lose (water) weight?! And my fat percentage seems to have gone down a little (measured using Omron Takada Scan). Wow. I might consider going fully 801010 raw vegan in the future! 

As for now, I'm glad to be eating melons! And there's a box full of really ripe persimmons in the kitchen that I can't wait to devour!! If you're curious about raw veganism, already are vegan and/or love bananas, I'd suggest that you give this a try! Make sure that the bananas are really ripe & spotty, and eat as much as you want! Oh, and if you haven't read it, The 80/10/10 Diet by Doug Graham is a good book on this topic. :)

Oh yes, by the way I'm thinking of cutting my Raw Week short, to 6 and a half days instead. Because of the Vegan Potluck Picnic on Sunday. Hmm. Potlucks aren't that easy to come by. Plus I'm going with a good friend who's newly vegetarian this time! :D Maybe I'll make up for it by doing a Raw Till 4 someday next week. 

Update: Today morning I went for Bikram yoga, and I realised how different my stomach was as compared to a week ago! I think that half of what I thought was tummy fat was actually water retention!! Wow. Aren't bananas amazing?! :')

Edit: If you want to try Banana Island, the #1 impotant thing would be to EAT ENOUGH. 2500 kcal MINIMUM, no matter your weight, height, gender and activity level. It's super important to carb up in order to reap the benefits!

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