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Garlic is Toxic?!

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I've always thought that garlic was something that was really healthy, with almost a 'superfood' status. I used to hate it (because my mum hates it lols) but then over a year ago I decided that I should eat more of it, because it was healthy. So I ate garlic on-and-off, 'on' being having 3-4 cloves of garlic in my dinner daily, 'off' being not having garlic at all (either because I ran out of garlic or I was lazy to chop it up). And my mum always tells me to stop eating it, because it makes the house stink and makes me 'smell manly' -_-

So imagine my shock and horror when I found out that garlic is actually not good for you! :O Like I went through all that to make myself like garlic (yes, I enjoy it now; one-pot-meals seem more complete with it) and now I'm told that I shouldn't be eating it?! T.T

Okay, no one actually told me it was unhealthy, but while I enjoyed a bowl of 6-banana nice kreme topped with chopped dates (heavenly!) I watched Freelee's new recipe post on Fat free wedges & Sweet chili sauce (which looks amazing, even more so because I've not had anything savoury in 6 days), and she mentioned that she didn't use garlic and onions. And people commented and asked about it, and other replied about how it's actually not as healthy as it seems.

(Not ready to find out about the onions...)

I thought that this abstaining-from-garlic-and-onions thing is just a Buddhist thing, because they make you crave meat (am I right about this?)

Here are some links that seem pretty reliable and convincing to me.

Junk Foods: A Case Study of Garlic and Onions
Especially Part 4: Claimed Health Benefits
In my previous post, I mentioned that I put a ring of garlic cloves around a banana pile on the floor to prevent ants from coming. And they really didn't come, and though I'm not sure if it helped, it's interesting that I saw none on the floor at all! However the fruit flies didn't seem bothered by them at all. Nor were the tiny little unknown black bugs that seem to have come from the bananas..? This is referring to Part 4.8 Pesticidal Properties... Would you put pesticides on your salad?

What's the Problem with Garlic? - on 30BananasADay
It's a forum where you can see the views of others, mostly raw foodists. Nearly all of them seem to acknowledge that garlic is toxic. :(

A video: Garlic Effects
This was recommended by Freelee. Very informative! Talks about onions too.

So... I'm very convinced. Well, it's time to make myself dislike garlic and onions again. :(

At least I know that there's one person that'll be glad to know this - my mum!

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