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Taco Party (for three)!

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Made lunch for my family (Mum, Dad and I) yesterday! I've not had tacos before actually, so these are very un-authentic. (Oh wait, or maybe I have. I think I had a taco bowl once when I was in Canada 2 years ago. It was so greasy and the veggies were limp x_x ) 

This is somewhat like a clear-out-the-fridge kinda meal, because I'm eating raw next week, and my parents don't cook during the weekdays!

Here's what I made:
1. Tofu scramble - firm tofu, tomato, button mushrooms, mint, nutritional yeast, turmeric, black sea salt, black sesame
2. Pumpkin & Bean stew (not exactly a stew but... what else is there to call it?) - pumpkin, black beans, sweet peas, red bell pepper
3. Steamed broccoli (my parents hate raw veggies) topped with pumpkin floss + raw radishes (Dad tried them raw for the very first time and made a face LOL)
4. Salad: Spinach, pomegranate seeds, tangerine, lemon

I cooked without oil, for it's the only way I know how.
Every thing looks kinda separate, but it's all meant to be stuffed into the taco shells hehe.

I used wholewheat tortilla wraps (quite processed and not really healthy, but once in a while should be fine) and baked them for 10 mins at 180 deg C like this! They kept their shape and turned out so crispy! :)

 I thought that is was quite a lot of food (doesn't look like from the top view, but it was a huge pile of tofu scramble and pumpkin & bean stew!) but we finished it all. My parents enjoyed it, yay! :D

By the way, the tree poking into the first photo is my very first (that I can remember) Christmas tree! I decorated it with mum yesterday! Haha. It's from Daiso, so the tree + decor = $6. It's so tiny but it just make the house seem much more festive! :)

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