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Mini Sandwich Paradise! ♡

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Remember my Sandwich Paradise from a few months back? Well, here's a mini version of it! ^^

➀ Unsalted peanut butter, banana hearts, blueberries, gojiberries & cacao nibs.
➁ Raw tahini, (perfectly ripe) avocado, and a sprinkle of nutritional yeast, black sesame seeds and pumpkin floss.
➂ Vegan olive margarine, fig slices, tangerine & chia seeds.
➃ Black tahini, strawberry, kiwi, hemp hearts & pine nuts.
On toasted dark rye bread.

 So yummy with a glass of soymilk! And of course I ate the rest of the fruit that didn't make it onto the toast! ;)
While spreading the margarine, I realised that I've not intentionally eaten any of it in the last few years! :O Wow. I guess it was kinda... fear-food-ish. But it tasted good with the bread and fruits! :) And super easy to bread too - unlike the other 3 nut/seed butters which are already bottom-of-the-jar consistency. I don't know if you've ever experienced it but it always gets clumpy, dry and unspreadable when I reach nearly the end of my nut/seed butter jar! Lols but it's all because I always don't stir the oil in evenly. I stir it with a chopstick... :x Hehe. Oh well, I guess thick & clumpy nut butters are better for.. filling muffins?

This is my new favourite plate. Love the colour combi! Makes me happy just looking at it! ☺

 Have a lovely day! ♡

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