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Brownice @ Upper Thompson (Part 2!)

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Went to Brownice with two of my friends on Wednesday!

They've got new items on their menu since the last time I went! Even though we arrived like 10 mins after they opened at 1pm, the pizza was sold out. Which was disappointing. Well, that just gives me another reason to go back! :) 

So we got the Cheesy Hummus Sandwich. It's a crispy toasted bread pocket filled with um... cheesy hummus. It's really rich and cheesy! I can't tell if it's nutritional yeast or vegan cheese that they use. I find it a bit on the pricey side though.

It was so yummy! I love how the crispness of the bread goes well with the hot and creamy filling. My friend was like "How is this even vegan?!"

And then I got The Sinless Sundae, which is something I've not tried before too. You get to choose 2 scoops and one topping.

I got the green tea and strawberry ice cream with granola topping. The waffle cone and the biscuit were both super chocolate-y and crunchy! I was surprised by how rich they were! It's so worth the price.

My friends shared (I was the greedy one with 2 scoops to myself) waffles and banana oat & french chocolate ice cream, if I remember correctly. They enjoyed it too! :) :)

They also had premium chrismas-sy flavours but I didn't get those! I get strawberry ice cream every time (because it's pink and pink is pretty haha) and this was my first time seeing the green tea flavour at the counter! So I had to get it. Also, green goes quite well with pink. The matcha taste was quite prominent, and it wasn't too sweet. :)

By the way, it's pronounced as Brow-niece, not Brow-nice. 
Head down to Brownice for some Chrismas-sy delights if you haven't! :)

Sin Ming Centre (about 10 mins walk from Marymount MRT)
8 Sin Ming Road #01-03
Singapore 575628
Tel: 6456 6431            

Zhong Shan Mall
20 Ah Hood Road
Singapore 329984

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